Del Cafes, in the form of its founder, Manuel Rui Azinhais Nabeiro, brought the magic of coffee into the business model. Well versed in the coffee market and an entrepreneur by nature, Rui Nabeiro decided to create his own brand of coffee in 1961.
In the Alentejo town of Campo Maior, in a small warehouse with 50 square metres of space and without many resources, activity started with just two small roasters with a capacity of 30 kg.
Over the years the small warehouse was transformed into one of the major industrial groups in Portugal, relying equally on innovation, social responsibility and environmental conservation.

The main companies of the Nabeiro Group that activate in the coffee sector are:


A coffee production company
with a daily production of 160 tons.
As an industrial unit dedicated to imports, exports, industrialization and transformation of green coffee, barley and chicory, Novadelta presents as its final products, roasted coffee beans or ground, coffee mixtures, soluble coffees, barleys and cocoa substitutes.

Operating highly sophisticated equipment uses optimized solutions to manage the operations, offering consistency, reliability, safety, quality and trust, an effort acknowledged in 1994 with the statute of Certified Company by the Portuguese Institute for Quality.


An equipment production company with an annual production of 3,600 coffee machines.

Concerned with its customers’ profitability and responding to the market requirements, Tecnidelta aside from the production of economical and durable coffee machines and mills has developed the Tecnical Assistance service for coffee machines provided by specialized technicians in two different concepts: on-site, at the customers’ and off-site, at Tecnidelta facilities.



A promotional material production company
with an annual production of 55,000 units.

Its strategic creation had the main objective of reinforcing Grupo Nabeiro activity to which it belongs and to support Delta Cafés business. Most of its production is, thus, done exclusively for the Grupo, manufacturing annually approximately 55,000 publicity parts to be present in the five continents.

Toldiconfex has 128 employees operating in 10 sectors – Confections, Drawing Office, Indoor Curtains, Parasols, Illuminated Advertisements, Screen printing, Canopies, Special Awnings and Erection Teams.



A Barista academy with 11 years of operation,
having trained over 600 baristas. 

In line with its continuous efforts for the education of its customers’ staff and the improvement of the products and services provided, Grupo Nabeiro / Delta Cafés has invested in the School of Professional Cafeteria Services: Barista Delta Academy.

The mission of the academy is to inform, suggest, monitor and develop the best that the coffee world has to offer, converting knowledge into a strategic advantage for your company.


Delta is today the largest European Ho.Re.Ca. company in the espresso sector, with an annual turnover exceeding 300M €. It has 60,000 clients in 5 continents, namely Europe, America, Asia, Australia and Africa, with a daily production of 160 tons of coffee. Certifications awarded include NP29002 for Quality, ISO 14001 for Environmental Management and SA8000 for Social Accountability.